Southside Family Health Centre (DR. ANNE SPOONER & ASSOCIATES LIMITED)

Although Central Health began as an obstetric and paediatric practice, over the past decade we have developed a busy and respected family practice that now plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive and excellent care we seek to offer our patients. Your family doctor should in fact be at the center of the provision of your healthcare. Your family doctor will be familiar not only with your past medical history and your family history, but also understand any psychological, social or emotional issues which might be relevant to maintaining your health and well-being. He or she will aim to fully understand both the context and the implications of any health issues. In short, family doctors do not treat problems. They treat you. Good communication is at the heart of your relationship with your family doctor. He or she will consult with you in developing strategies to avoid health problems, as well as providing immediate care for any current medical issues. A family doctor should be able to manage the majority of the illnesses you face, refer appropriately and communicate effectively with specialists when more help is required or added reassurance is needed.

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