Since 1997 St. John’s Cathedral Counselling Service as one of the largest and oldest mental health NGO’s in Hong Kong has provided safe, professional, affordable, multi-culturally sensitive and effective counselling. As a charity organization, we strive to make our fees as reasonable and affordable as possible, and our service is recognized by most insurance providers. Our counselling model embraces positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in our well-being programs whereby our clients develop prevention, sustainment and improvement techniques for their health and happiness. We are one of the few counselling services in Hong Kong that has a dedicated team of mental health professionals that process daily inquiries to ensure our clients are assigned to the most qualified counsellor for their needs as well as a clinical social worker who interacts with the multitude of local and international healthcare, legal, government and other mental health agencies for all our clients. All counsellors who we employ go through regular clinical supervision by our leadership team to enhance the overall clinical effectiveness of our practice and to ensure that best practices and evidence-based treatment modalities are being employed.

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